Professional electric heating solution provider in pipe freeze protection, roof deicing, floor heating and snow melting etc. Your trusted brand HEATIT with comprehensive technology always offer reliable, safe, easy-to-use heating products for residential, commercial and industrial applications.


Pipe freeze protection to prevent the damage caused by frozen and burst pipes. Roof Deicing: Reduce the ice dam formation in the roof by creating a path for the melt water from the roof to the ground. No matter what you may require, there’s a HEATIT tailored solution for residential, commercial and industrial application. Whether you need technical support or help, we’re always here to assist.


Over 30 years of manufacturing experience with Comprehensive technology. Self-regulating technology: Cables automatically adjust their power output to compensate for temperature changes of the pipe. Providing heat where it is needed – without worry of overheating. Professional, reliable and safety connection kits. Less time and cost spent on both installation and maintenance. Reliable safety approval certificates: CSA, ETL, UL etc. Professional feedback in 24 hours for any question. Stable and reliable product quality control system: ISO9001 Cost control: Always keep the strict cost control and lean management to give our customer the lowest price and the best quality.


On hand inventory in North America: Two delivery operation centers in US and one center in Canada promise a reliable and fast delivery service.