What is crankcase heater?

Crankcase heater is an electrical component in compressor, air-condition system, heat pump system and chiller system. During working, compressor will heat up and move oil and refrigerant under pressure. The heat and the pressure can be sure both the oil and the refrigerant separate from each other and stay in proper state. But, when the compressor is not in working state, it will no heat and pressure to keep the oil and the refrigerant separate and stay in proper state. When the crankcase cools down, the refrigerant can migrate through the seals and into the oil. And the refrigerant also bring some problems. First and foremost, the lubricating effect of the oil will be lower, then causing damage to the bearings and other wearable parts. Secondly, the compressor can not work normally with less refrigerant in the coils.

To resolve the problem, the compressor crankcase heater was designed to control the temperature of the crankcase. The crankcase heaters may be either internal or external to the compressor. Two wires of the crankcasse heater are wired directly to the input side of the contact from the main power supply, and power is always supplied to the heater. By using crankcase heater heat up fluids to operating temperature before start, the compressor motor will start easier and pick up where it left off.

Crankcase heater uses a simple electrical circuit to generate heat within the crankcase when the compressor isn’t in use. And the heat will keep the refrigerant from condensing and prevent the refrigerant from migrating through the seals into the oil.

The crankcase heater is a self-regulating heating cable, it can provides peak heating during cold periods and reduced heat when the air temperature rises.

HEATIT HICK Crankcase heater is a 4-ft. heater that fits units up to 40″ circumference. Can be overlapped without overheating, moistureproof,and includes flexible lockstrap with 28″ wire leads.

Now, the usage of crankcase heater is very common on various compressors. The heater is composed of a long thin electrical heater with a built-in adjustable strap that easily fits around the cylindrical housing of the crankcase.

Crankcase heater is proven effective for extending the life of compressor, and can save a lot in refrigerant. It can be used in both residential and commercial applications, and can be added to existing systems which do not have heater installed inside. Besides, it also can help you startup your compressor smoothly, and do not need to worry about whether the oil contaminated or other problems.

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