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What is crankcase heater?

Crankcase heater is an electrical component in compressor, air-condition system, heat pump system and chiller system. During working, compressor will heat up and move oil and refrigerant under pressure. The heat and the pressure can be sure both the oil and the refrigerant separate from each other and stay in proper state. But, when the […]

Electric floor heating system VS Water heating system

Underfloor heating is becoming more and more popular in modern homes, and there are two main ways: electric underfloor heating and hydronic underfloor heating. The electric underfloor heating system uses electric heating wires or heating mat connected to the mains electricity supply, and then the electric energy will convert into radiant warmth. The hydronic underfloor […]

Underfloor heating system VS Radiator

The underfloor heating system offers a luxurious feeling of warmth throughout the space in an energy-efficient way.This wonderfully efficient heat distribution system takes advantage of the entire floor area to heat the house instead of radiant heating from a radiator.What is the underfloor heating system?The underfloor heating system provides heat for the entire space from, […]

Why you choose underfloor heating system?

The underfloor heating system is the modern-day solution for cold floors and rooms in general. Choosing the underfloor heating system, therefore, is among the wisest decisions, anyone looking to build or renovate a home can undertake. Most shower rooms or homes in areas that experience very low temperatures can be very uncomfortable to operate. Struggles […]

The Difference between HISD,JHSF and JHSF1-CT

As winter approaches, the temperature becomes lower. When temperatures drop dangerously low many homes and buildings are at an increased risk of frozen pipes and valves. When water freezes (32℉/0℃) this causes the water to expand; the expansion inside pipes then causes frozen pipes to burst!Prevent your pipes from freezing in the winter with HEATIT […]