What is the Constant wattage heating cable?

What is the Constant wattage heating cable?

If you are looking for a comprehensive article that can cover the constant wattage heating cable. you are on the right page. In this article, you will learn about what constant wattage heat cable exactly is. along with its advantages and where it can be used. So. without further ado let us quickly dive into the article.

Heating cable — It is nothing but a cable that has a wide range of applications including floor heating, pipe heat tracing, roof and gutter, temperature process maintenance and much more. Constant wattage heating cable is a type of heating cable. Mainly there are two types of heating cable one – self-regulating heating cable and second – which we will be discussing in this article is constant wattage heating cable.

When choosing the types of heat cable, the most ideal choice is a constant wattage heating cable.

Why? Read further and you will get the complete answer.

What is Constant Wattage Heat Cable?

Constant wattage heating cable is a heat cable that has steady output. When you are using this cable it will produce the same amount of heat whether it’s winter or summer. In simple terms. Constant wattage heating cable does not affect by varying pipe content temperature or ambient. It gives a constant heat output.

Due to these properties, constant wattage heating cable is a good choice for homeowners who want to make sure that the external environment will not affect their heating output. Moreover, heating systems in such cables typically depend upon a controller to operate the system. Altogether, these cables allow precise control on the temperature of a room, roof, and gutter or wherever they are installed.

Examples of Constant Wattage Heating Cable:

HEATIT HISD Pipe Heating with Built-in Thermostat

HEATIT HIRD Roof & Gutter De-icing Cable


The advantages of constant wattage heat cable

The advantage of Constant Wattage Heating Cable is that- it is very easy to install. There is no electrical tech required which means it is very easy to install. If you live in an area where the temperature is mostly below 20 degrees, Constant Wattage Heating Cable is a very good choice for you.

Now. some other advantages that it provides are:

Controllable —Constant Wattage Heating Cable is always ‘ON’ and like self-regulating heating cable. You can control its operation to get the desired output of heat.

Always Constant -Self-regulating heat cable adjusts automatically according to the ambient circumstance to maintain a constant temperature. However, Constant wattage Heating Cable always generates a constant heat output. These properties of Constant Wattage Heating Cable can be utilized for freeze protection.

Heat Resistant & UV protective -Constant Wattage Heating Cable utilizes the silicone rubber as an insulation material, which is super flexible and can withstand up to 200 degrees Celsius.

Moreover, Constant wattage Heating Cable comes in various models like the added sheath to protect from external shocks and added braiding protects from electromagnetic interference. Now, you might have understood what constant wattage heating cable is and what benefits it carries with itself. It is time to conclude the article and we will share with you where these cables are smartly utilized.

Where can constant wattage heat cable be used?

Constant wattage heating cable has a very wide range of applications. For example — Constant wattage heating cables are utilized for snow melting projects because of their properties. It can continuously melt snow under hard circumstances be it a climate change or heavy storm. Constant wattage heating cables are always up for such projects and serves best under these circumstances. Another use of constant wattage cables is floor heating. You can easily control the comfort level very precisely with the help of a thermostat controller.

The common use of constant wattage heat cable is for the velocity flow control of heavier materials which include honey and wax or any other viscous material. Constant wattage can be also be used for freeze protection. however, this is more common in large-scale piping projects and commercial plants.

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